Why Choose A Beard Comb?

So you've been growing your beard... You either gave up when your beard got itchy (which is solved with good beard care products such as beard oil or butter) or you're now going to need a comb.

At this stage all your hard work and patience is going to be shown off.  Combing your beard is essential as a daily routine to improve the way a beard will look and feel. Keeping groomed will also make you very happy with the commitment you've made to yourself.

This is how you properly comb and care for your beard...

  1. Start combing from the underside of your neck and work the hair upwards towards your jaw line. It's almost like a beard comb over :)  Slowly work out knots and kinks as not to hurt yourself. Bed beard can be fierce.  Beard Comb vs. Brush is a wide debate but for no reason. A brush (if plastic) will cause static! A brush will fluff your beard dramatically compared to a comb.  Don't waste money or time on Walmart or Target on wood beard combs as these will all break or cause damage due to their lower quality.
  2. Now that you have our beard combed upwards, time to comb it down into your style. Shape it. If you need to keep crazy hairs in place - you can use some beard balm  (which has honey bee wax) to hold loose hair in place.
  3. We have moustache combs with very tight teeth spacing - check them out because the  almighty stache can't be ignored and makes the whole beard concept complete for many.  We also retail moustache waxes if you want to grow it out and shape it away from your mouth to prevent from eating it at each meal.
  4. Beard pimples. They're not fun.  Ingrown hairs can be prevented by combing out your hair in the same direction daily.  Also be sure to wash away beard products as heavy oil on your face for extended periods won't help with pimples. Comb out your beard once it's been air or blown dry.
  5. Keep training that hair to fall in the same direction by combing it out, doing this daily is essential. Much like changing the part on your head - just takes time.
  6. Remove food particles after a meal by roughing up the hair a bit and combing it back out. Eating food with a beard becomes tricky as the hair grows longer and you will want to keep all the hair healthy.
  7.  Keep your beard moisturized daily or every other day. When you work or live in a dusty or dry environment, stay on top of washing and moisturizing more often. You can use our combs to draw beard oil, balms and butters through to all the hair and the stainless combs clean up much easier than a wooden comb that holds vegetable based material in.