Moustache Wax

Bisson has Premium Medium, Hard and Super Hard Waxes that are Pine Sap based. We've have worked extensively to develop a very unique way to process these materials and know them to be one of a kind.

New to waxing or wondering how to use Bisson Premium Moustache Waxes? Read on...

Bisson Premium Wax Types:

Bisson Premium Medium Wax - Usage / Application
Our lightest hold is Bisson Medium Wax and is a great general purpose wax (stop eating hair)! Medium will also allow you to loosely shape handlebars.

Bisson Premium Hard Wax - Usage / Application
This is a truly HARD wax. It has to be warmed in order to be applied. It will hold a handlebar all day with little to no movement in hot temperatures and wind.

Bisson Premium Super Hard Wax - Usage / Application
This is a CRAZY hard wax. Nothing on the market exists like Bisson Premium Hard and Super Hard Waxes.
Must be heated for application. Bisson Super Hard is a 24hr wax that you can use to shape your handlebars, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, go to bed and do it all over again without a wax change.

BISSON SUPER HARD WAX is a bit difficult for a beginner to use. It has to be applied by wrapping it over the hairs and then smoothed in. Only the tips and not over the lip!

Our waxes are sold in tins or plastic straws to allow them to be held (open end down) under hot running tap water.


1.) Warm the straw and squeeze a little bit of wax out (cut straw to length as volume diminishes). If in tin, remove a little bit with a finger nail or with pick supplied.
2.) Rub the wax between your thumb and forefinger until it has been spread evenly
3.) Gently smooth your moustache between your fingers ensuring an even application of wax
4.) Our waxes are easily removed with our BISSON FACIAL HAIR SOAP (as they have a high level of oil content)