Comb Care

Bisson Combs, the finest men’s comb this world has to offer. Each one of our combs are hand polished just for you. Made with American Stainless Steel, it will last a lifetime! If you have a comb with wooden scales (handle) it was treated with olive oil to preserve the wood.

Treating Wood Scales

If you’re lucky enough to have purchased a Bisson Comb with exotic wood scales (handle) then you can complete the following to maintain the appearance of the wood. Your wood was treated with Olive Oil as a natural, very safe, solution to preserve the wood. If you’re going to wash your comb thoroughly, you can treat the wood before you start.

Pour a very small amount of olive oil directly on the comb handle and wipe with a cloth or paper towel to ensure coverage, just a dab will do!

If you want to add a scent, mix an Essential Oil of your choice with Olive Oil into a bowl and then apply to the wood.

Stainless Steel is Super Easy to Clean

Clean with regular soap or a mild detergent with warm water followed by a clear hot water rinse, that’s it!

See water spots? It may be a high mineral content in your water; in this cases it is recommended you wipe the surface completely dry with a clean, dry cloth.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Stainless Steel

Regular cleaning is required to preserve the fine appearance and integrity of your combs surface. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion but it is not impervious.

Your Stainless Steel Bisson Comb will actually thrive with frequent cleaning, unlike some other materials, as it is impossible to "wear out" stainless steel with proper excessive cleaning. The effect of surface/pattern roughness, grain/pattern orientation, and designs can be affected by polishing! Please wipe with the grain direction if you have a brushed finish or in circles if orbital finish.

Clean Regularly: Be sure to clean your comb when it is dirty! Please don't wait until it requires aggressive cleaning in order to restore it to its original appearance.

Basic Abrasive Cleaning Tips

Nylon abrasive pads (very fine Scotchbrite pad) are adequate (or even too aggressive) for dealing with most deposits. If more severe treatment is needed to mask scratches or other surface damage, use the finest abrasive possible when removing damage marks. With direcƟonal brushed and polished finishes, try to align and blend the new "scratch pattern" with the original finish, to achieve the most aestheƟc result possible. Make sure to scrub with the grain and not against it. Mirror Polished finishes willcbe reduced to a brushed finish by using abrasive pads or cleaners!

Do not use metal scourers or brushes with metal bristles.

AVOID ALL CONTACT WITH PRODUCTS CONTAINING HYDROCHLORIC ACID, SUCH AS BLEACH! These types of cleaners will stain and damage the surface of your Stainless Steel Bisson Comb.